The mission of the Ocean County Vocational Technical School is to prepare students for job placement or further education leading to successful employment. We develop partnerships with affiliated schools, parents, business, industry, and community agencies to create and deliver opportunities for students to participate in quality occupational programs with support services. These programs and services are designed to meet the needs of high school students and adult learners, as well as the requirements of employers, colleges, technical schools and the community


The Mission of the Performing Arts Academy of the Ocean County Vocational Technical School district is to provide a rigorous curriculum for creatively gifted and academically driven high school students. Our challenging coursework empowers graduates with the experience, knowledge, and 21st Century skills necessary to succeed in the academia and arts industry. Our students will develop critical thinking skills to propel them into the global landscape of interconnectivity.


The Performing Arts Academy provides an environment that encompasses the following beliefs:
• Education is a shared responsibility of the school district, students, family, and the community.
• The ability to think critically and creatively is achieved through an arduous academic curriculum.
• A nurturing environment fosters character, integrity, and good citizenship.
• An appreciation for social and cultural diversity is essential for success in global and society.
• Interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages the infusion of the arts and technology in academic courses prepares students for achievement in the 21st Century.
• A love of learning is created through a positive school culture, myriad of learning activities and clubs that have been established based on student interest and passions.
• Leadership opportunities, team building activities, and life skills development prepare students for vocations and higher education.
• Student-centered learning cultivates personal responsibility, accountability and time management skills.
• Structured learning experiences provide opportunities in professional setting where the skills learned through a four-year experience can be transferred/demonstrated/applied in a work setting; these internships serve to expand the depth of knowledge.
• Access to various venues for productions, workshops and internships provide avenues for building meaningful networking and mentoring relationships.

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