Guidance Department
     Dawn Murphy (Anti-Bullying Specialist- ABS), x 4104
     Sandra Stout, x 4151

Student Opportunities
Instructor Pages (classroom connect)

Instructor Contact Information
Our instructors can easily be contacted through email (click on instructor name for email link) or by telephone (Navy Lakehurst Center phone number is 732-286-5678, individual instructor's extensions follow their name).

Patricia Allen, Math, x 4112
Michael Baiata, Physical Education, x 4148
Joan Beckenhauer, Technology, x 4114
p'efDoug Bollinger, Theatre, x 4149
orp]q3Kelly Bourke, Dance, x 4131
Bill Bourke, Audio Engineering, x 4133
Anthony Ciccotelli, Theatre, x 4115
Andrew Dennison, Math, x 3277
Barbara DeSantis, Physical Education, x 4143
l'Melissa Faisst, Dance, x 4142
0 i-]4qrqOlympia Gaglioti, Science x 4011
klejrGabriella Grant, English, x 3272
Robin Kelly, Math, x 4119
;okwrMary Kenny, Voice, x 4118
Sheila Lyons-Meyer, Spanish, x 4124
w;e'kTara Mangano, Theatre Tech, x 4135
Frank Mastroianni, English, x 4126
;llMike Mazzola, Social Studies, x 4137
[k[Melissa Morrison, Social Studies, x 4132
Timothy Pannella, Audion Engineering, x 4134
eiarjJoseph Puliafico, Voice, x 4150
w;e'kKerri Shoenberger, Science, x 3167
Michelle Stavros, English, x 4116
woeijRobert Townsend, History, x 4157
q ]t4Eileen Verde, Math, x 3152
w;e'kLeah Vicari, Science, x 3152
q ]t4Daniel Wellner, Spanish, x 4127


Educational Info
New Jersey Department of Education
US Department of Education

College & Further Education
Ocean County College
Rutgers of New Jersey

Performing Arts Partners
The Strand Theatre
Naval Air Engineering Station

Summer Assignments 2021

ALL assignments are due the first day of school regardless of which semester you have that course.

Algebra I (All students are place in Algebra I unless a passing PARCC score is received)

Presentation Skills and Development






English III

English 151 (Classroom Expecations)

AP Language with English 151 Option

Critical Analysis (ENGLISH 151 and AP Language w/ ENGL 151 Option)

Pre Calculus (Letter to Students)

Algebra II Letter

Algebra II

Algebra II HONORS (College Level)

Environmental Science



Pre Calculus

English IV/IV Honors

AP Literature

English 152

AP Calculus (AP Calculus Letter)