MATES-Stockton University Oceanography (MARS 2202) with Advanced Oceanographic Research

Lessons, Handouts and Class Presentations

Hand Outsf

Research Methods & Applications
Overview pdf

Research Methods Readings
Experimental Design
Oxygen Spectrophotometer Activity

Advanced Oceangraphic Research
Course Overview
Course Syllabus
Scientific Research Paper
Major Project 
Paper Literary Review Rubric
Final Exam Review (TBD)
Storm Stories pdf (TBD)

Salt Marsh Pool Comparison pdf
El Nino Paper pdf
Global Climate Paper pdf
Fire and Ice Paper pdf

Scour Power Paper pdf
Sea Floor Structures pdf

Important Activities & Forms
Community Service Form
Richard Stockton Transcript Release

Field Lessons & Materials
Sand Gauge pdf
Soil Triangle (JPG) or pdf
Soil Classification (JPG) or pdf
Soil Classification2 (JPG) or pdf
Settling Rates (JPG) or pdf
Exercise 9 on Seawater
Exercise 10 on TSD
Solubility Curve
Chlorophyll Graphs
Coastal Plant Guide
OCC ENVI 152 NJ Soil Map
Temp Data Stats Practice XL
TR Huddy Data Practice XL

PowerPoint Presentations

Research Methods and Applications Presentations

Water and Water Testing (PPT)
Putting Together a Field Report (PPT)
Estuarine Cycles (PPT)
Overview of Estuaries (PPT)
Graph Use Overview (PPT)
Midterm Proposal pdf (TBD)
Field Write-up example 2014

Oceanography Presentations
Safety Oveview (PPT)
Barnegat Bay Overview (PPT)
Marine Charts and Navigation (PPT)
Coasts and Estuaries (PPT)
The Ocean, Atmosphere & Weather (PPT)
Bathymetry of the Sea Floor (PPT)
Sea Floor Sediments (PPT)
Sediment and Barnegat Bay (PPT)
Plate Tectonics Chapter 3 (PPT)
Waves and Wave Dynamics (PPT)
Tide Notes (PPT)
Properties of Water (PPT)
Fog and Ice Visuals (PPT)
Ocean Depths and Components (PPT)
The Layered Ocean (PPT)
Global Climate Change (PPT)
North Carolina Coastal Features (PPT)
Seafloor Structures Atolls (PPT)
Primary Productivity (PPT)***Additional
Estuarine Cycling (PPT)
International Estuaries (PPT)