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    Performing Arts Academy

    PAA Academy
    MATES Course of Study

    All students must successfully earn 160 high school credits or their college equivalent to graduate. All courses are instructed in block format and are 80 minutes long. All courses are taught at the college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement or college levels.

    Freshman Year


    Performing Arts I (full year): dance, acting,
    vocal music, audio engineering

    English I*

    Algebra I*, Geometry*, or Algebra II*


    World Civilization*

    Physical Education/Health
    Spanish I or II (Placement test First Semester)

    Junior Year


    Performing Arts III (full year): dance, acting,vocal music, audio engineering

    English III*/AP Comp

    Algebra II* and EFA* or Pre-Calculus* and


    US History I*

    Physical Education/Health

    Live Sound for Audio Engineering majors only

    OCC Jumpstart**

    Sophomore Year


    Performing Arts II (full year): dance, acting, vocal music, audio engineering

    English II*

    Geometry*, or Algebra II* or Elementary Functional

    Analysis (EFA)*


    Physical Education/Driver’s Education

    Spanish II or Spanish III

    Performing Arts Minor

    Senior Year


    Performing Arts IV (full year): dance, acting, vocal music, audio engineering

    English IV* or AP Literature

    Electives: Spanish III, Pre-Calculus*, AP Statistics*, AP European History, Creative Writing, College Art, 21st Century Business Skills and Digital Applications, or Audio Technology

    US History II*

    Physical Education/Health

    | Internship


    Vocal Music, Dance, Acting, Audio Tech History/Theory

    OCC Jumpstart**

    * Indicates course may be taken as college prep or honors level
    ** Ocean County College Jumpstart Program is for students who qualify
    x Science sequence subject to change

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