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    Performing Arts Academy

    PAA Academy
    MATES Course of Study

    All students must successfully earn 160 high school credits or their college equivalent to graduate. All courses are instructed in block format and are 80 minutes long. All courses are taught at the college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement or college levels.

    Freshman Year


    "Performing Arts I / DANC1 193***, MUSC101*** or MUSC 194***

    English I *

    Algebra I* or Geometry* or Elementary Functional Analysis (EFA)*


    World Civilization or World Civilization/HIST 181**

    Health & Physical Education

    Spanish I or SPAN151**

    STSC150** Student Success Seminar

    CSIT 123/Integrated Office Software**"

    Junior Year


    Performing Arts III / THTR194***/THTR195***, DANC 120***, MUSC 120***/MUSC 160***/MUSC 181*** or COEM 231***/COEM 232***

    English III, ENGL 151** or AP English Language and Composition/ENGL 151**

    Algebra II* and Elementary Functional Analysis (EFA)*, Pre-Calculus MATH 191** or Introduction to Statistics MATH 156**

    ENVI 152**

    US History I or US History I/HIST 173**

    Political Science/POLI 183**

    Sociology/SOCI 181**

    Health & Physical Education

    (Students may elect to take 2 math courses or 1 math course and Political Science and Sociology (Requires College math senior year) to meet the 20 credits in math graduation requirement)

    Sophomore Year

    Performing Arts II / DANC131***/DANC 150*** THTR197***, MUSC190** or COEM230***

    Performance Minor

    English II*

    Geometry* or Algebra II* or Elementary Functional Analysis (EFA)*

    Physical Education & Driver’s Education

    SPAN151**/Spanish II or Spanish III

    Senior Year


    Performing Arts IV / DANC 121***/DANC 145***/DANC 241***, THTR 189***, THTR 189***/MUSC 161***/MUSC 194***, COEM 233***

    English IV, ENGL 152** or AP English Literature and Composition/ENGL 152**

    Elective: Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 130**, Forensic Science SCIE 105**, Survey of Math MATH 151**, Introduction to Statistics MATH 156** or AP/OCC Calculus MATH 265

    US History II* or US History I/HIST 174**

    Health & Physical Education

    Internship/Public Speaking COMM 154**

    Performing Arts History/Theory

    Financial Literacy

    * Indicates course may be taken as college prep or honors level
    ** Embedded course/Ocean County College Credits
    ***Ocean County College course credits vary by major

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