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    Page Title| Administration  Adult / Evening Education

    OCVTS Adult Evening School is pleased to offer a selection of one night, hands-on seminars which allow students to prepare a variety of dishes. These fun seminars are designed to allow you to come in and learn one specific area in our Culinary Arts Department.

    It is suggested that students bring an apron, take-home containers and bottled water. The chefs will impress, inspire and instruct!

    Seminar Registration Information
    Call 732.473.3100 ext. 1000

    Online registration extended for those classes that start later in the semester. YOU CAN REGISTER UP TO ONE WEEK BEFORE SEMINIAR START DATE. ONLINE REGISTRATOIN STARTS JANUARY 3, 2018

    Browse Course Listings Now

    Creative Culinary Seminars Descriptions


    There’s no need to buy those processed, sodium-filled canned soups, when you can easily make them fresh at home! Learn the difference between clear, pureed and cream soups and prepare a sampling of each. This class will provide you with the tools to make the perfect comfort food. Bring your Tupperware!
    Mon 6:00-9:00PM Brick
    Course # 6605-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Feb 5

    Impress family and friends by making fresh homemade spaghetti and fettuccini, served along with a variety of popular Italian sauces including marinara, vodka, alfredo and carbonara. Impress your family and friends at your next get-together! Wed 6:00-9:00PM Brick
    Course # 6606-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Mar 28

    After this class, any night could be family pizza night! Why spend twenty or more dollars when you can make your own fresh pizza at home with a few simple ingredients? Spend some quality time with the family making your own signature pizza at home. It’s easier than you think! Get your culinary talents in motion and create a pie with originality!
    Wed 6:00-9:00PM Brick
    Course # 6607-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: April 18

    Spend the evening in on Valentine’s Day. Work side-by-side in the kitchen with your special someone. Or, come by yourself to learn how to recreate this romantic candlelight dinner at home for the one you love.
    Wed 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6550-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Feb 7


    Eating breakfast leads to better concentration, higher productivity and a significantly improved mood. We could all use that! Coffee may be the morning drink of choice, but breakfast is what sets the tone of the day. Join us as we learn how to make the perfect French omelette and a twist on the classic, French toast. What morning isn’t complete without bacon?
    Mon 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6551-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Feb 12

    Close your eyes and imagine a quaint, postcard perfect Vermont country village. Summer is long past; the vibrant foliage has dulled, and there’s a lull as Old Man Winter has arrived. Join us as we hunker down for a New England feast. Recipes will feature classics like New England clam chowder and red flannel hash.
    Wed 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6525-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Feb 28

    The pervasive aroma of Indian spice wafts through the air as you sip on a glass of masala chai. This gastronomically adventuresome workshop promises to transport you to the realms of epicurean delight. The cooking is almost as entertaining as the eating!
    Thur 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6567-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Mar 8

    The Mediterranean tradition of sharing small plates of colorful, flavorful food over great conversation and a spirited libation is one of the hottest dining trends in America. In Spain, these little snacks are known as tapas, while in Greece, these bite-size treats are known as meze. From little plates of olives to miniature meatballs, meze are fun, robustly flavored tidbits typically enjoyed with ouzo, the classic Greek aperitif.
    Wed 6:30-9:30PM Waretown
    Course # 6581-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Mar 14

    Prepare recipes from some of our favorite chefs of the culinary world’s most popular celebrity chefs. Tonight’s inspiration is Food Network star Emeril Lagasse. Bam! Put some pizzazz in your culinary delights. Your guests will be amazed as you kick it up a notch!
    Tues 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6599-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Mar 20

    Poland, like France, is a country where people really know food. Polish cuisine evolved over centuries, a combination of East and West, aristocratic hauteur and peasant fare. It is a rich culinary heritage where good food is tradition and Polish hospitality is legendary. Join Chef Deborah as she shares some of her family’s traditions.
    Mon 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6600-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Mar 26

    Enjoy an authentic Japanese-edible art form that is both healthful and delicious. Learn just how fun, fast and easy rolling sushi can be as we teach you fabulous techniques and variations. Be prepared to feast!
    Thurs 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6531-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Apr 12

    The complex flavors of Thai cuisine literally explode in your mouth in this exciting hands-on workshop. Master tricky Thai techniques for rolling light and crisp spring rolls and cooking in banana leaves. Students will learn a Thai chef’s secret to perfect curry every time!
    Mon 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6506-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Apr 23

    If you have an adventuresome palate, this class will introduce you to the exotic cuisine of the East. But no need to be intimidated ~ who doesn’t love noodles, spring rolls and barbecue? So, take this occasion to experience our Asian invasion.
    Wed 6:30-9:30PM Waretown
    Course # 6573-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Apr 25

    Prepare recipes from one of our favorite chefs of the culinary world’s most popular celebrity chefs. Tonight’s inspiration is Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis. Join us as we prepare a few recipes from Giada’s show, Everday Italian, that features quick, healthy and satisfying dishes, using traditional Italian ingredients and techniques.
    Thurs 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6601-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: May 3

    Every fifth of May, lavish feasts and festivities commemorate the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla. For our Cinco de Mayo celebration, we chose explosively flavorful, yet quick-and-easy, traditional recipes from south of the border. Bring your amigos for bueno food and fun in this festive, celebratory class. Viva Mexico!
    Tues 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6554-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: May 1

    Celebrate mom when the traditional breakfast fare gets a magical makeover in our celebratory brunch workshop. With this elegant-but-simple menu, many of the recipes can be prepared ahead. So, relax and enjoy the meal with your guests. Our delightful brunch menu will ensure the success of any special occasion ~ from holiday parties to baby showers and bridesmaids’ brunches. The possibilities are endless!
    Mon 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6534-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: May 7

    Cook like a pit master as you learn the basic principles for both indoor and outdoor barbeque; then, learn to prepare uniquely delicious, people-pleasing side dishes. These recipes are great for preparing together as a family ~ or for a special dinner with friends!
    Tues 6:30-9:30PM Brick
    Course # 6574-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: May 15

    Learn the ancient art of Sushi. From preparing sushi style rice to rolling your own “maki” style sushi, you will learn all the tips and tricks needed to amaze your dinner guests with this healthy and delicious treat. Menu includes: sushi rice, Saki ginger dipping sauce, spicy mayo, vegetable roll, California roll and spicy tuna roll.
    Tues 6:00-9:00PM Atlantis
    Course # 6602-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Feb 6

    Dim the lights and turn on the soft music. It’s date night! Work side by side and step by step with one of our instructors while preparing an elegant dinner for that special someone. Menu includes: prosciutto and parmigiana pastry pinwheels with roasted garlic aioli, butter and herb basted sirloin filet, oven-roasted steak fries and crème brule.
    Tues 6:00-9:00PM Atlantis
    Course # 6603-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Mar 6

    With its emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables and spice, Floribbean cuisine is an eclectic blend of “traditional” Floridian cuisine with a Latin twist. This fun and informative class will give you firsthand experience working with the flavors of Florida and the Caribbean. Menu includes: seafood ceviche, seared salmon with jicama slaw and coconut rice pilaf and key lime pie.
    Tues 6:00-9:00PM Atlantis
    Course # 6604-S18A $50 3 hours Class Date: Apr 10

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